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Capability Highlights

Apollo provides not only equipment and personnel trained in operating state of the art
analytical chemistry analyses, but a staff with extensive experience in the development of novel and bespoke analytical chemistry methods.

  • Instrumentation available on site includes LC/MS-MS, GC/MS-MS (liquid and headspace), UHPLC/Diode Array, ICP-MS, and microbials testing (traditional plating as well as qPCR)

We have experience working with customers to develop methods that greatly exceed the
sensitivity and capability limits of traditional “turnkey” methods provided by instrumentation

  • This includes analysis at part-per-billion and part-per-trillion levels for organic compounds, failure mode analysis for products, custom studies driven by specific customer needs, and more.
  • We welcome new challenges and provide consultation on analytical chemistry method development

Apollo has taken on several novel R&D projects to support a variety of industries, including
development of methods for:

  • Testing of trace contaminants in peptides and biologic products
  • Testing of ultra-trace contaminants in semiconductor facility wastewater
  • Testing of novel naturally derived products and compounds (flavonoids, trace terpenecompounds, trace amines and sulfur compounds, trace alkaloids, and more)

Testing With Trust & Transparency

Apollo Labs provides a prompt and reliable testing solution to the Arizona market.


Apollo Labs Corporation

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